The online shop is committed to complying with the legal provisions on distance selling and data protection in electronic commerce.
1. Identity and contact

In the online store you have to present in an accessible and transparent way the name, telephone number, e-mail address and the postal address of the company. A quick and easy way to contact the online store is offered.

2. Data protection and security

In the online store only personal data will be collected, processed, used and transferred to third parties, provided that the law allows or if the client has given his explicit consent to do so.
You will be informed about the use of the personal data in a clear and understandable way.
If the online store sends advertising or promotional communications via e-mail, the recipient will be offered the opportunity to unsubscribe to stop receiving advertising in the future.
The online store protects the personal information of the customers in an appropriate way. In particular, the transmission of the payment data (account numbers, credit card information) is only carried out in an encrypted form.

3. Products and costs

All the products offered are described in a clear and understandable way.
Only products whose sale is not prohibited by law and that do not violate the exclusion criteria of Ecommbit are offered.
All product prices, shipping costs and other additional costs are specified in a transparent manner.

4. Shipping and payment

The customer will be informed about the expected delivery time or the exact delivery date. If, in exceptional cases, the deadline or date of delivery can not be met, the customer will be notified immediately.
The payment methods offered and the delivery area will be informed at the beginning of the ordering process.

5. Order Process

The ordering process is clear and understandable. In particular, the consumer can recognize when making an order forcing the payment. Before sending the order, you will be informed about the products, the prices of these, the shipping costs and other additional costs. The receipt of the order will be confirmed immediately by email.

6. Withdrawal

The consumer should be informed about the right of withdrawal and about the respective exceptions. The right of withdrawal shall not be unduly restricted.

7. Quality indicators

Ecoombit will carry out a continuous evaluation of the following quality indicators, which must be fulfilled by the online store.

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