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The Internet is a fundamental platform for doing business, both nationally and internationally. Among the advantages it brings, we can highlight the international presence, the speeding up of contacting processes or cost savings, among others. However, on the Internet there are certain risks among which is the proliferation of websites of companies that operate at the limit of legality or directly that are totally outside it.
It is very difficult to differentiate an honest and fulfilling company from one that is not, so one of the primary challenges when it comes to doing business on the Internet is the generation of trust.
It is for all this that we want to be the first agency to certify web portals that use bitcoin as a secure payment method for all

At ECOMMBIT our goal is to grow and become a benchmark in our core activities, through innovation and competencies of our customers. We work to be a key reference in the market for cryptomonedas and expand our activities at the international level. We want this growth to take place in a sustainable way, which means for us to guarantee the economic performance and business soundness of the project, while protecting the consumers who use cryptones
We are working on integrating sustainability as part of our business development. Through this process, our goal is to add value not only to our company but also to our customers.

Our policy.


At Ecommbit, we contribute from a clear set of regulations and a governance model that ensure compliance, independence and economic transparency in Add to Dictionary continue to play a key role in long-term organization. Our Code of Ethics is integrated in all our actions to ensure that all our clients act with ethical business behavior.

Human capital

Ecommbit promotes legal economic conditions, providing a fair and market-friendly economic environment and providing commercial development opportunities to our clients, which helps us attract and retain large-volume markets.

Market orientation

The business strategy is based on understanding which our customers need, anticipating their needs and working to meet their expectations, offering high quality services and procedures in all our divisions.


Ecommbit works actively to limit and avoid the possible negative effects of the economic activities related to the transactions of Add to dictionary. To this end, Trustbit has management policies and systems based on internationally recognized standards and economic legislation, with a focus on scam reduction and deception

Benefits of having the certificate

Increase your sales

Here Having the certificate will allow your new customers who do not know your business to buy because of the certificate trust.

No bank in the middle

Here you save with the free maintenance of your money and make transfers at the moment no matter the place and when.

Confidence to users

The moment a new customer enters your website and sees the certificate, they will give you confidence on your website that it is a site that is responsible with the trade laws.

More benefits

Secure customers of their payments

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Save on commissions

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Have your money always controlled

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Use the quality seal in all your communications.

It shows in all the channels that the purchase in your online store is safe and is guaranteed prolonging the effect of Trustbit there where you come in contact with your customers: through your advertising, during the delivery of the product, after sales of the same or Your public relations on internet and televisión.

Quality indicator.

Having our seal of quality is a guarantee of confidence. Thanks to our seal, you can clearly identify online or offline businesses, which use the cryptoneses as a means of payment

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